London Welcome Pack

SIM Card | Oyster Card for travel on London tube
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Everything you need before you arrive!

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Kick start your holiday by being connected as soon as you land, saving you time on the ground.

Choose the top up levels of your Oyster or tourist SIM card.

Free Data Roaming
Use your SIM card in 71 destinations, including most of Europe.

Maintain your routine
Daily gym passes will ensure that you stay fit while travelling.

Customise & Build Your London Welcome Pack

All welcome packages come standard with a UK SIM (Trio SIM to fit all phones – Three network) and Oyster Card which serves as your underground tickets to travel on London public transport. You can customize your pack with daily gym passes and travel adaptors.

Standard Welcome Pack- just £20
£5 is refundable when returning Oyster card to the tube station

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How do I get around in London?

The cheapest and easiest way to get around in London (besides walking of course) is by public transport.

You have two options: the London Underground (Tube) or buses. Both offer great connectivity and there is really no need to ever use a cab. Most tubes operate 24 hours on weekends and until midnight during the week, while most buses are 24 hours.

You can either buy individual tickets to use public transport, but fares are much cheaper when using an Oyster card (plastic preloaded contactless smartcard.) A paper ticket to travel from Zone 1 – 2 costs £4.90, while the same journey costs £2.40 if Oyster is used.

Oyster cards also have a daily cap of £6.60 – meaning that you can go on unlimited tube rides and not pay more than £6.60 per day.

If you are staying more than 5 days, you can purchase a 7 day pass for £33 at any station which offers great value for money. You pay for 5 days but get 7 days to use any public transport.

Can I use my Oyster card as soon as I land at the airport?

Yes! All London’s airports have good public transport links, all using Oyster. For details see the below links:

Note that you will need to top up your Oyster card before you can use it. For express train services separate tickets will need to be purchased at the airport (Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express and Stansted Express)

Can I use my contactless bank card on the Tube?

Yes, you can, however you may incur significant bank charges from numerous small debit transactions.

The other benefit of using Oyster instead of your contactless bank card is the fact that you are able to load a weekly pass on an Oyster (which gives you 7 days of travel for the price of 5.)

How do I get my GBP5 refund?

Simply return your Oyster card at any tube station – you will get your GBP5 deposit back for the card, as well as any unused credit on the card refunded back to you

How much do I need on my Oyster card?

Assuming you will not be venturing too far out of London, 1 tube ride costs around £2.50 and a bus ride costs £1.50. There is a daily cap of £6.60, so for example, if you take 3 tube rides in a day, you will only be charged £6.60. Therefore a daily budget of £6.60 is a good estimate. 

Will the SIM card fit my phone?

Our SIM cards are Trio SIMs, meaning that you can simply pop out the correct size SIM for your phone

How do the gym passes work?

The daily gym passes offer you access to any of Fitness First’s 70 clubs throughout London. You can attend classes or use any of the equipment for as long as you like

Does the Welcome Pack expire?

The SIM has a validity of one year, whereas the Oyster does not expire. If you purchased a data bundle, these are valid for 30 days from the day of activation. You need only activate the bundle when already in London, so you are free to purchase your Welcome Pack more than 30 days in advance.

How does the roaming work?

We partner with Three mobile network, who offer free roaming in 71 destinations, including most of Europe. Simply activate your SIM card in any of these destinations, and you will not be charged extra for roaming.

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