Top 5 markets in London

Whether its antiques, food or music that you’re after, London has a market for it! Visiting a weekend market is a very typical London activity. With all the food and drinks on offer, it is a great way to enjoy a cheap but very delicious lunch.

Here are the top 5 markets in London:

Borough Market
Definitely the biggest and busiest spot on this list, Borough Market is a must visit. You’ll find a range of farm fresh produce, as well as street food from every corner of the world – gujerati samosas, Spanish paella and good old British fish and chips. The scale of the market is impressive, making it well worth a visit. The market is on every day except Sunday.

Columbia Road Flower Market
Every Sunday, London’s flower vendors take over Columbia Road – turning it to a flower market that delights the senses. Go early, because it gets busy. By 2pm, you’ll be able to pick up a bunch of tulips for a steal. Walking down this street is a vibrant, fun experience – and makes for great photo opportunities!

Broadway Market
East London is the hipster side of London, and it’s unique, grungy style is perfectly reflected at Broadway Market, which is a street filled with food and décor stalls, lined with coffee shops and quirky stores on either side of the street. The Thames Path is at the end of the street, and also makes for a nice stroll once you’re ready to digest your meal. Every Saturday.

Camden Lock Market
Fresh pasta tossed in a wheel of Parmesan cheese – need I say more? This is just one of the delectable meals you can enjoy at Camden Market. You’ll also find other treats like haloumi fries, burgers, burritos, and lots more. The Market is a great way to spend an afternoon, and if you’re into vintage, you’ll be in heaven. On every day.

Portobello Road Market
Situated in the heart of Notting Hill, Portobello Road Market is the place to go for antiques, with a side of good food. The road seems to stretch on forever, and on a Saturday afternoon in the sunshine, you can’t beat it. Visiting the market also allows you to tick off Notting Hill from your list, make sure you get a photo of the pretty coloured houses!

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